Continuing the Project - Visit to Ville-la-Grand, France

The third phase of the Erasmus+ KA2 programme entitled 'Climate Change in the Digital Era' has been completed.

From October 2 to October 8, 2022 participating students and teachers from Greece, Finland and Norway met their host partners in Ville-la-Grand, France. The week began with the preparation of group work by students of all countries, starting a repetition on the concept of climate change and its impact on humans and nature. Each group (10 groups with members from each country) designed its own map of climate change and presented it in plenary. On the second day, the groups made soap with natural materials and found the impact of climate change to be human activity and began to find answers to the impacts.

On the third day of our school team in Ville-la-Grand the children from all countries visited vineyards and then watched documentaries in relation to the impact of climate change both on production and on the quality of grapes and wine Vineyards in places such as France, Spain, Italy, Argentina, Australia. Then, the 10 groups of students that were divided on the first day in a workshop at the school attempted to respond and find solutions to deal with and eliminate climate change through everyday behaviors and attitudes as individuals, institutions, societies. At the end of the work, the programme included an excursion to Geneva, where we visited the city lake with the largest fountain in the world (140 meters high) the Reformers' wall, the Cathedral and the famous clock with flowers that adorns the city.
On the fourth day, the groups of students, after studying the glaciers at the highest point of the Alps, Mont Blanc, and using the material given to them, researched and studied climate change solutions in relation to glaciers at an altitude of 1030 meters.
Finally, on the last day, it was time for reflection, feedback from all of us about the truly productive week with research, work, presentations, educational excursions. In the end to lift off the week's load, we had sports activities at the school gym and then farewell. Finally, we set the planning and topics of the next visit to Iisalmi, Finland. So see you again friends from France, Norway, Finland.
It was a unique experience for all participants, who made an appointment for April 2023 in Finland and specifically in Iisalmi, where the last meeting of the programme will take place.